The CSR approach of Easytex & Subrenat group has been initiated for years. For example, in 2009, we were already organising the sorting and recycling of our industrial plastic, paper-cardboard and textile waste within our company.

To go further, our « WePlanet » program, created in 2021, aims to formalize our objectives and concrete actions on the various aspects of CSR: societal, economic, environmental.

Certifications we already have


WePlanet is an ambitious, inclusive program whose main objective is to reduce our environmental impact.

The WePlanet program extends to everything we do, with the aim of: 
Reducing the environmental impact of our activities and containing global warming while preserving biodiversity 
Designing more eco-friendly products/services in terms of their materials, packaging, transport and end of life.  
Since its origin, Subrenat has been working in implementing the know-how of our partners around the world. This is this is even truer today in our CSR approach. WePlanet is an adventure shared we need to share with all stakeholders: our customers, our suppliers, and our teams.

3 Commitments

Working to preserve the planet is a team effort. 
For this, we commit ourselves to each of them! 

To you, our employees 

By providing you with the means to work in a fulfilling environment: Comfortable working conditions, sharing of information among colleagues, onboarding and internal advancement opportunities, renovation of premises.

By reducing the environmental impact of our premises: Energy management, waste management.

To you, our customers

We listen to your needs to provide functional solutions with increased durability: Our bedding protection extend the lifespan of your equipment (mattresses/pillows). 
Thinking about products by integrating end-of-life management. Through our French collection program, we’ve collected over 11 tons in 2022.  
We aim to support you on your carbon reduction trajectories by providing impact data on our products by 2025. 

To you, our partners

Local supply chains: linens Made In France, European mattresses. 44% of the total amount of our purchases is made on products originating from France or Europe. 
100% of our welcome kits are assembled within our regional partner ESATs (Sheltered Employment and Solidarity Workshops). 
Collaborating with your teams on the manufacturing, packaging, and transportation of bedding and welcome kit products . 

By reinventing our product & service portfolio

Using recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, organic materials that provide you with assurance through our certifications. 
We market our hotel products without individual packaging to reduce non-reusable packaging. 
Considering the entire product lifecycle: production, transportation, usage, water consumption, end of life (e.g., LCA 2019). 

5 Targets

1. Strive towards achieving Zero CO2 Emissions on Scopes 1 and 2 by 2030 

2. Aim to offer each of our clients a solution that is 30% less impactful in CO2 equivalent emissions by 2030 than the reference version 

3 . Undertake 10 actions per year to promote the well-being of our employees and/or support local community organizations

4. Conduct one environmental monitoring action per month to educate and inform our partners and employees 

5. Obtain BCorp certification within 2025